Isabel Jaschek, directora del Servicio Central de Idiomas en la calle Libreros, 30. FOTO: DGRATIS Salamanca.

La USAL imparte nuevos talleres de idiomas

21 septiembre, 2018 0

El nuevo curso académico de la Universidad de Salamanca trae, desde el Servicio Central de Idiomas (SCI) novedades para este 2018- 2019 como los talleres de treinta horas de duración como los denominados: Multimedia English, […]


What Exactly Is A Full Breakfast?

13 marzo, 2018 0

There’s an old saying* that you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and supper like a pauper* in order to live a healthy life. The idea is that if you eat […]


To figure out – To decipher

26 febrero, 2018 0

There’s a joke we like to say in English that the true spelling of ‘fish’ is actually ‘ghoti’. The explanation being that: in the word ‘enough,’ the ‘gh’ makes an ‘f’ sound; in the word […]


Ireland’s most popular Gaelic Games

30 octubre, 2017 0

Soccer, rugby and basketball are played all around the world. They are international sports where almost everybody knows the rules. However, in many countries there are traditional games that aren’t well known outside their country. […]


Movies: Dubbed* or Original Version?

9 octubre, 2017 0

In my first year living in Spain I remember having a conversation with a woman from here and her boyfriend from Scotland. I was at their house and the film Cast Away (Naufrago) with Tom […]


June 21st: International Yoga Day

13 junio, 2017 0

The 21st June is a remarkable day. In the northern hemisphere night is at its shortest and there are enough hours of sunlight to satisfy even the most determined sun sponge*. In the middle of […]