1st October is International Coffee Day.

Where did coffee come from?

14 octubre, 2019 0

Author: Joshua Burns You may not have been aware of this but 1st October is actually International Coffee Day. While I’m not entirely sure why it needs a holiday dedicated to it, I thought it […]

The Brythonic languages all come from a single language known as “Common Brittonic” spoken throughout Great Britain during the Iron Age.

The Brythonic Celtic languages

17 agosto, 2019 0

Author: Joshua Burns Some In my last article, I spoke about the Celtic languages in Britain and Ireland. I began by explaining that there are two groups of languages that are entirely separate called the […]

Image of a street in a city.

How English Changes in Different Countries

26 febrero, 2019 0

Author: Joshua Burns With roughly 1.5 billion speakers, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. However, when we hear this, we tend to* think of the majority of people speaking US […]

Groundhog Day: Predicting an Early Spring.

Groundhog Day: Predicting an Early Spring

11 febrero, 2019 0

Author: Joshua Burns Every 2nd February, there is a popular tradition where thousands of people watch as a small rodent* emerges from its burrow*. The idea is to see the groundhog will see its shadow and […]


Guy Fawkes Night

12 noviembre, 2018 0

Author: Joshua Burns Every year, on 5th November, people all across the UK celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. However, this family-friendly autumn tradition is a little different from most. Although named after him, the idea isn’t […]

The Highland Games is a traditional Scottish sporting event.

The Highland Games

10 octubre, 2018 0

Author: Joshua Burns. Escuela Kilkenny. The Highland Games is a traditional Scottish sporting event that has become a popular festival, taking place in the late spring or early summer. The first recorded mention of the […]


Strange Foods Around The World

21 agosto, 2018 0

Author: Joshua Burns Food is the staple of every culture. When travelling, one of the most thrilling experiences is trying the culinary delights of whatever country you’re visiting. However, as we all know, cultural tastes […]