Is the Mediterranean Diet a Myth?

13 noviembre, 2017 0

The Mediterranean diet is famous for being one of the healthiest in the world. Whenever there is a list done by health experts, it is always within the top five. In fact, when I was […]


Ireland’s most popular Gaelic Games

30 octubre, 2017 0

Soccer, rugby and basketball are played all around the world. They are international sports where almost everybody knows the rules. However, in many countries there are traditional games that aren’t well known outside their country. […]


Movies: Dubbed* or Original Version?

9 octubre, 2017 0

In my first year living in Spain I remember having a conversation with a woman from here and her boyfriend from Scotland. I was at their house and the film Cast Away (Naufrago) with Tom […]


Glastonbury Festival

28 junio, 2017 0

This week, crowds of people are heading to a rather big farm in the British countryside. But they aren’t going to look at cows, chickens or pigs; instead they’re going to enjoy music, dance, comedy […]


June 21st: International Yoga Day

13 junio, 2017 0

The 21st June is a remarkable day. In the northern hemisphere night is at its shortest and there are enough hours of sunlight to satisfy even the most determined sun sponge*. In the middle of […]