Movies: Dubbed* or Original Version?

9 octubre, 2017 0

In my first year living in Spain I remember having a conversation with a woman from here and her boyfriend from Scotland. I was at their house and the film Cast Away (Naufrago) with Tom […]


A Look At Traditional Crafts in Britain

28 septiembre, 2017 0

I have never been very good with my hands. I think it may be a mixture of a lack of talent, patience and perseverance. I’ve always loved the idea of craft, though. The thought of […]


Myths and Legends from Ireland

12 septiembre, 2017 0

Everybody is familiar with the myths and legends of the gods and heroes from Ancient Greece or the stories of the Vikings in the Scandinavian countries. But every country has its own stories that have […]


Summer Festivals in Britain and Ireland

17 julio, 2017 0

This Summer is here and the hot days have become hotter. Many of you, I’m sure, have holidays planned with sun, beaches and cocktails in mind. But for those of you who have decided that […]


Glastonbury Festival

28 junio, 2017 0

This week, crowds of people are heading to a rather big farm in the British countryside. But they aren’t going to look at cows, chickens or pigs; instead they’re going to enjoy music, dance, comedy […]


June 21st: International Yoga Day

13 junio, 2017 0

The 21st June is a remarkable day. In the northern hemisphere night is at its shortest and there are enough hours of sunlight to satisfy even the most determined sun sponge*. In the middle of […]


Fascination with Las Fallas

21 abril, 2017 0

Author: Robert Dewis     From work during Holy Week recently, I took a short trip to Valencia. It was my first time visiting the city and I wanted to see and experience as much […]


April Fool´s Day-A Tricky Tradition

11 abril, 2017 0

Author: Joshua Burns When I was a child, I remember on 31st March, I would always go to bed reciting the internal mantra ‘don’t forget, don’t forget’. Then, of course, the next morning I would […]


A Football Fairytale

26 marzo, 2017 0

Author: Robert Dewis     Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City; these are the giants of English football. But in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League next month Atletico Madrid will face Leicester […]


The History of Fads

10 marzo, 2017 0

Author: Josua Burns     In my job as an English Language teacher I work with children, which is something that is as intensely rewarding as it is frustrating. For every breakthrough moment* where the […]